Create GenBank Submission Files

GenBank Template File

This module allows the creation of files to submit annotated sequences to GenBank using sequin. Please see GenBank submission for more information

Note: the results will be shown at the end of the page.

I. Upload Submission Template. You can create this file from here. To test this module, please find a sample file here.
II. Upload the Annotation File with the Seqeunce in GFF3 Format. To test this module, please find a sample file here.
III. Provide Sample Information by Filling the Form Below. (*: Required)
definition (example:Barbarea verna
chloroplast, complete genome)
* moltype (example:DNA) *
location (example:chloroplast) * topology (example:circular) *
organism (example:Barbarea verna) * type (example: DNA) *
lineage technique
protein gcode
acronym anamorph
authority biotype
biovar breed
cell-line cell-type
chemovar chromosome
clone clone-lib
collected-by collection-date
common country
cultivar dev-stage
ecotype endogenous-virus-name
forma forma-specialis
fwd-PCR-primer-seq genotype
group haplotype
identified-by isolate
isolation-source lab-host
lat-lon map
metagenomic note
tissue-type pathovar
plasmid-name plastid-name
pop-variant rev-PCR-primer-seq
segment serogroup
serotype serovar
sex specific-host
specimen-voucher strain
subclone subgroup
sub-species substrain
subtype synonym
teleomorph tissue-lib

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