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At present, the widely used term "DNA barcodes" actually refers to DNA sequences, which have several drawbacks in storage and recognition such as the lack of information compression and the difficulty in scanning for recognition. These drawbacks have limited the practical usage of DNA barcodes.

We have developed DNA Quick Response (QR) code to represent DNA barcode sequences, and permit the effective use of DNA barcoding technology in various application domains. The utilization of DNA QR code is supported by this web server which contains five different modules. The server allows the users to retrieve QR code for the most popular DNA barcode markers (rbcL, matK, ITS2 and psbA-trnH) for plants and CO1 for animals. In addition, the web server supports the encoding of a DNA barcode sequence into a QR code and the decoding of a QR code into its original DNA sequence. The QR code-based coding algorithms and its web implementation will have wide applications in any areas that involve DNA barcode sequences.

The paper describing this work can be found from here. Please find a README file describing the web server here.

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