Retrieve QR code for a species

Since the main purpose of DNA barcoding is species identification, there is a need to create a QR code for each species. Unfortunately, species is an abstract object and there are many individual sequences available for each species. Consequently, we constrcut a consensus sequence for each species. This page supports the retrieval of QR code for a species based on the concensus sequence.

To retrieve the QR code for a species, please enter a taxid and the marker for which you would like to retrieve a QR code. At present time, the system supports four plant markers (rbcL, matK, ITS2 and psbA-trnH, e.g. 363457 for ITS2) and one animal marker (CO1, e.g. 1069855). If you don't know the taxid, please go to NCBI's Taxonomy page to look for it.

If you would like to obtain the QR code for individual DNA sequence, please use the Encode module.

Please enter the taxid.

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