MitoFungi contains a fungal mitochondrial genome sequence database as well as a fungal mitochondrial genome sequence annotator (FUMGA /fyoom gar/). It was created as we found that there is no annotation pipeline particularly designed to annotate fungal mitochondrial genomes. And the annotation of many fungal mitochondrial genome sequences in GenBank is incomplete.

MitoFungi is particularly useful for the annotation of newly sequenced fungal mitochondrial genome. In addition, we have re-annotated all fungal mitochondrial genomes that are currently included in GenBank (Last updated: August 2014).

MiFuAnno is able to annotate the structure of:

  • core genes, which refer to genes shared by mitochondrial genomes belonging to different taxon groups, including protein-coding genes, tRNA genes, the large subunit and small subunit rRNA genes, and rnpB genes.
  • non-core genes, which include all significant matches to those in NR database excluding those included in the core gene set.
  • introns. Furthermore, MiFuAnno is able to classify introns into various classes and subclasses.

Detailed description of the models and algorithms used to predict the genes and introns described above are described in our paper (submitted).